Grave Pleasures


Includes free Tibet

Release Date: September 29, 2017

Label: Century Media

From Beastmilk to Mother’s milk, Mat “Kvohst” McNerney—also of Hexvessel and formally Dødheimsgard and Code—has dragged his post-punk ghouls in Grave Pleasures out of the nuclear bunker for a third album, the second under their new morbid moniker. Enshrined within images of Kali, the life-giver and destroyer, are 11 new songs to get down to at the dawn of the apocalypse. “Let’s dance while it all goes to hell,” says Kvohst of the album. “Let’s celebrate our futile, intrinsic will for destruction.”

Featuring the great David Tibet of Current 93 reciting desolate poetry in his inimitable manner, these love songs to femme fatales and necrotic nihilists beat out the rhythm of the end times that will entice fans of Ghost and King Dude as much as goth rockers The Danse Society and Skeletal Family.

Playing the pied piper of oblivion, Kvohst has a Robert E. Smith crackle in his voice and a glint in his eye as he plays with tense, sexual overtones and kitschy (almost Army of Lovers-esque) dance-floor fillers. The band may have undergone yet another graveyard shuffle, but Jun-His of Oranssi Pazuzu remains, and together they weave prurient pop-rock that gets under the skin. For those who have accepted the inevitable, slow, painful descent to annihilation and want to go out with a bang, Motherblood is a damned (in the literal sense) good time.

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