Gina Sicilia Premieres New Song, “I’ll Stand Up”

You like the blues? I like the blues. And I like it even more when it’s delivered by the supremely capable and talented Gina Sicilia.

Her new album, Tug of War, showcases her soulful and powerful voice as it intertwines with meaty guitar lines, classic organs and so much more.

Set for release on June 2 via Blue Elan Records, Tug of War was mainly produced by multiple Grammy winner Glenn Barratt, who also helmed Sicilia’s 2013 release, It Wasn’t Real.

One of the few acoustic appearances on the album, “I’ll Stand Up” does stand its ground among the 11 fantastic tracks. Opening with a simple arpeggiated guitar, this song of heart-baring, soulful persistence skillfully showcases Sicilia’s substantial writing skills and whiskey-soaked vocals.

She shares, “I wrote this song as a sort of message to myself after reflecting on some different challenges I’ve made it through. It’s almost become my personal anthem about never giving up. There have been many, many times where I’ve felt I had no fight left in me. That I could not muster the strength to push forward, and that I could simply do no more. That I was done. But no matter how difficult things have gotten in my life, I’ve never quit. And I never will.

“I’m still here, still standing. This song is my way of reaffirming to myself that no matter how depleted and weary and overwhelmed I might feel, no matter how many times I fall, that I will always get up and keep fighting the tug of war.”

Check out “I’ll Stand Up” here.

Sicilia has pursued her love of the blues with limitless passion since her bold, dark-honey voice made her a sensation singing in jams at Warmdaddy’s, a Philadelphia jazz and blues club, when she was just 19.

A dynamic vocalist and veracious live performer this new album celebrates her status as one of the reigning voices in modern blues marking a potent evolution in her songwriting.

Today, Gina’s life experiences, coupled with her warm, flexible, emotionally-nuanced vocal styling resonates like never before…and this album is her most personal yet.

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