Getting Out Of The Garage: Tips For Starting A Band Successfully

0001While the number of bands and artists performing at bars and clubs each night are too numerous to count, only a select few of this groups will ever move on to moderate touring success or a record deal, much less fame and fortune. In this piece we explore how bands can overcome the odds and take their DIY music project to the next level.


In this latest from the pages of MusicThinkTank, Emma Sturgis offers up four useful strategies for DIY bands to reach past the odds and become a household name.

“Getting other artists to collaborate on tracks for your upcoming CD may give it the boost needed to gain mainstream attention. Taking your talents on the road as an opening act for a major band could provide the exposure needed to eventually put your own band in the spotlight. As a general rule, network with as many people as possible to build awareness and grow your audience.”

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