George Marios: Jamming with the “Headroom” Analog Reverb by Carl Martin

Hey guys,

I am really happy to announce that I have teamed up with Carl Martin, a company the products of which I have been using consistently since 2014.

Unalloyed tone and building quality at its finest!

In this video, I will be doing an extended jam/presentation of the fantastic “Headroom” Analog Reverb – An incredibly versatile and organic sounding pedal.

For more Carl Martin products follow the link below:

Gear on the video:
Blackstar ID 60 (flat EQ) – Clean Channel –
Zivory Custom Guitars
Mics: Shure sm57 – RODE NT2

Live engineering and filming:

Intro Music: “Letting Go” off “Letting Go” by Kody
available at

Thanks for watching and feel free to ask me any questions on the comments section.



Jamming with the “Headroom” Analog Reverb by Carl Martin

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