Gary Clark Jr. Plays Unique Amp Based on the Lincoln Continental

By Christopher Scapelliti

To celebrate Lincoln Motor Company‘s commitment to music for the Grammy Awards, the automaker built a guitar amp. And not just any kind of guitar amp.

Working with amplifier maker Ben Fargen and Jeff Earl of J Designs Speaker Enclosures, Lincoln created a one-of-a-kind powerhouse based on its new flagship Continental, right down to the Revel speakers inside the dual enclosures.

Lincoln then partnered with electric blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr., who played and recorded with the amp, shot a commercial with it, and even put on a concert with it.

Safe to say, Clark loved what he heard.

“I’ve been drawn to certain amps for a while,” Clark says. “Crackling, overdriven…you know, speakers just about to bust.

“It sounds like a hundred-mile-an-hour fastball,” he says of the Lincoln Revel amp. “The collaboration just seemed to all make sense. It’s classic.”

In addition to the Revel speakers, many of the amp’s features echo various design aspects of the Continental itself. The amp sports the car’s distinctive grille and leather seat covering and features controls knobs that recall those found on the vehicle’s sound system.

You can learn more about the making of the amp in the video below titled That’s Continental | A Collaboration in Sound.

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