Fuzic Completes $3 Million Funding Round For Licensed Playlists, Audio Messaging

Fuzic logoFuzic, a music marketing technology startup, today announced the completion of a $3 million seed funding round led by High Alpha, Allos Ventures and Hyde Park Venture Partners.

A just completed $3 million seed round for Fuzic, brings the music tech startup’s total funding to $3.52 million. Fuzic creates and deploys custom licensed music playlists and audio messaging for retail outlets and other public spaces.

Since launching in late March of this year, Fuzic’s cloud based platform is now servicing more than 300 location-based businesses. Early adoption has come from retail, restaurants, fitness centers, family fun parks, car washes and car dealerships.

“We’ve seen great customer adoption, and we’re excited to further develop our software to service the on-site needs of location-based businesses,” CEO Brent Oakley said. “This funding round and the partnerships with High Alpha, Allos Ventures, and Hyde Park Venture Partners provide us with the support and resources to create a truly best-in-class marketing platform.”


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