Furch Debuts New Color Line of Acoustic Guitars

Furch has unveiled a new line of acoustic guitars. The new line bears the names of the colors of the rainbow and replaces the company’s current Millennium models.

From the company: Furch’s seven new models—Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet—are made of the highest-grade premium tonewoods and high-precision manufacturing. Every color series guitar is crafted using proprietary state-of-the-art technologies that include soundboard voicing—which tunes the top plate to achieve unrivalled acoustic properties—a highly consistent ultra-thin finish and high-precision robotic polishing. In addition, all color series guitars feature the Furch CNR System, a revolutionary neck design that guarantees lasting stability and allows the neck relief to be adjusted with an unsurpassed degree of accuracy.

Each of the new color series model lines is exclusive and features a unique combination of materials, finish, and appointments. The top-of-the-line Red series features high-grade tonewoods, top and back tuning, captivating unconventional adornments and our matchless High-Gloss Finish. Conversely, the Violet series includes instruments with a solid top, Open-Pore Finish and stylish scaled-back appointments.

The seven color series model lines are complemented by the Rainbow premium series, which allows players to handpick the features of their guitar and order a fully custom instrument. The Rainbow series starts with a base master-grade model that can be customized using a host of options from the list of custom features.

For more info on the Color line, stop by furch.cz.

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