Full EP Stream: Trial – “1”

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Thrash has always been a dystopian genre, lyrically, but UK thrash duo Trial take it to the next level with the mechanical, industrial tinges that litter their debut EP, aptly titled 1. The two members, who identify themselves as Interim_Void and Demöniac, are members of industrial duo khost and dark weirdos Primitive Knot, but Trial is a different beast.

Whereas the members’ other  projects focus more on a slower speed and atmosphere, Trial welcome the faster elements of thrash to their sound, combining the robotic clang with ripping, high-speed thrash in the vein of Metallica and their ilk, like on album highlight “Steel Premonition Against Time.” A thick layer of grime and distortion over everything tops it off, making it ready for human consumption.

“Trial formed in early 2020, a shared vision forged under cold, acidic grey metallic skies, with sunlit plains now distant memories,” the duo tell Decibel. “Our world is of twisted pylon metal, deformed upended concrete superstructures, molecular airborne volatiles and simple observations about lingering 20th century residual effects and inevitable downfall of such effects and customs.”

1 is out tomorrow, but you can stream it in full via Decibel.

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