Full Album Stream: Vexing Hex – “Solve Et Coagula”

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Hailing from the woods of Illinois, Vexing Hex are an amalgam of various retro genres—most evidently ’80s heavy metal and pop, doom, alt rock and new wave—with an occult spin, the perfect soundtrack to a black mass or supernatural horror movie. Their second album, Solve Et Coagula, coming six years after their debut, is slated for release on June 21, but you can listen early via Decibel.

Vexing Hex are serious when they say their influences are varied. Opener “Into the Night” showcases the quartet’s talent for poppy heavy metal, while follow up “Besmirched” is more straightforward in its style, tossing in some spooky synth for good measure. “One Thousand Eyes” and closer “Revivified” are soaked in glammy pop sensibilities, while “Mind Funeral” and “Sarcophagus” proudly wear their ’90s influences. Vexing Hex’s brand of occult heavy metal runs underneath all of Solve Et Coagula, giving the group a distinctive sound even with their varied influences—like if Ghost had more fun.

“This album has been brewing for a bit, so it’s both thrilling and surreal to finally share our creation with the world, especially in vinyl form,” says guitarist and vocalist Cadaverus, Lord of Dread. “We are beyond proud of what we have conjured as our second offering to the infernal gods of rock & roll. We hope the album resonates with music lovers across genre barriers, and that people embrace the fun of Solve Et Coagula!”

Listen to Solve Et Coagula below. You can purchase it via Wise Blood Records.

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