Full Album Stream: Nixil – “All Knots Untied”

Baltimore’s Nixil seeks to delve into the very concept of liberation as it relates to our place within the cosmos and creation. They do this using black metal as an expressive vehicle to capture what words often fail to describe. For anyone looking to join them on this journey, their new album All Knots Untied should be of interest. To that end, Decibel is happy to present the album in its entirety below.

Here’s how the band describes All Knots Untied:

“The album is at once a poetic attempt to relate to the unrelatable, a documentation of personal processes of initiation highlighting changes and new understandings in the advancement of Gnosis, and a resounding ‘fuck you’ to the creator/jailer/creation that seeks to keep us enslaved to it’s whims of hubris.”

This of course brings up the question, shouldn’t the finger be pointed as much at ourselves? Nixil has an answer for that as well in the lyrics to “Deaths of Our Own Design”:

We must reside in constant death
Our own hand must draw the knife
For herein lies our liberation
In these deaths of our own design

Liberation by oblivion and destruction then? Perhaps, depending on your conception of consciousness, and your idea of freedom. But even if these mind-bending ideas aren’t your idea of a good time, you’ll still enjoy this album if you’re a fan of Mayhem (post-DMDS) and the last few Satyricon albums.


All Knots Untied by Nixil

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