Full Album Premiere: Izthmi – ‘Leaving This World, Leaving it All Behind’

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Invoking the descriptor “progressive” when describing a band’s music can unfortunately mean a lot of things, some more positive than others. Does it mean the songs are extra long, or that there are perhaps elements atypical of whatever musical style to which the term is applied? Or maybe it just means “weird.” Back in the ’70s “prog rock” was pretty much all of the above, and frequently involved flutes. Thankfully Seattle-based quintet Izthmi—vocalist/synths Jakob Keizer, guitarist/pianist Autumn Day, guitarist/vocalist Brett Tomsett, bassist/pianist Gabe Kangas and drummer Nolan Head—embody the best parts of progressive by taking their modern black metal and infusing it with folk, post-metal and ambient influences. And no flutes.

Their second full-length, Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind, set for release on March 4th via Satanik Royalty Records, offers eight tracks—four epics and four instrumental interludes—that form a well-paced whole with plenty of dynamic highs and lows. The album was recorded and mixed by Billy Anderson and will be issued on vinyl and digital formats. You can preorder the vinyl here, and the digital here.


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