FU-Tone Introduces Titanium Hardware and Spring Claw

FU-Tone has introduced upgraded hardware and spring claws to their product list. The string lock screws (standard and EVH D-Tuna lengths), saddle mounting screws and nut clamping screws are now available in titanium.

This corrosion-resistant element is low in density and high in strength, making it super lightweight and completely bulletproof. Titanium provides strength, durability, and improved performance as well as great tone for users.

To assist in completing the tonal chain, FU-Tone’s spring claw is also now available in titanium. This option transfers spring vibration back out onto the body cleanly and clearly as a much better alternative to what some guitar manufacturers initially provide in the rear cavity.

Retail prices for Titanium Hardware:
Titanium String Lock Screw Set (6pcs): $39.95
Titanium String Lock Screw Set w/ D-Tuna Screw (6 pcs): $39.95
Titanium Saddle Mounting Screw Set (6 pcs): $29.95
Titanium Nut Clamping Screws (3 pcs): $19.95

Retail price for Titanium Spring Claw: Titanium Spring Claw (1 pcs): $29.95

To find out more, visit fu-tone.com.

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