Frank Gambale: Clinic – Reliable Music 1991 and Live at Pit Inn,Tokyo 1990

Frank Gambale demonstrates his guitar technique in this guitar clinic. Performance was sometime in the mid 80s. At Reliable Music in Charlotte, NC. Reliable was the premier music stores in the area and always had the best gear and performances. Reliable sadly closed like most of the other smaller music stores.
If anyone has any other clinics from Reliable Music, please post.

Frank Gambale Clinic – Reliable Music – Charlotte, NC

Rare video and this is full show.
My friend gave me this video.He was working at Pit Inn,Roppongi.
I uploaded to Dime 10 more years ago.
and this time,upload to here. Robo-Roo 0:01Faster Than An Arrow 7:12Spending Sunday With You 14:14Obrigado Fukuoka 22:16Credit Reference Blues 30:29Natives Are Restless 43:33Leave Ozone Alone 52:23Samba Di Somewhere 58:55Schmooze 1:10:36Forgotten Fut Not Gone 1:22:43A Touch Of Brazil 1:29:31Fe Fi Fo Funk 2:16:34 Frank Gambale – guitar,vocal
Joe Heredia – drums.
Kei Akagi – keyboard
Bass : Bob Harrison

【HQ Audio】Frank Gambale Band Live at Pit Inn,Tokyo 1990-06-03

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