For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Necrot, Incantation and Venom

What’s up, guys? It’s your old boy Waldo here to let you know about some new releases to help get you through this beaking mess.

If you don’t know about Necrot yet, you’re clearly doing it wrong. This Oakland trio plays a familiar form of death metal that can basically be called “old school.” The thing is though, is Necrot is basically their own thing. On their second full length, Mortal they prove this over and over again. Not just being a derivative OSDM band is a good thing in this day and age, and Necrot borrows heavily from many influences across the genre, but what this REALLY boils down to is pure energy. Mortal is dark and sometimes ominous affair, but it SOUNDS like Necrot and ONLY Necrot. Overall the sound of this thing is even and really lets the “vibe” of the songs shine. A lot of people will claim that this is “just” old-school death metal. It’s not. Check it out! 8 Fucking Pecks!

On the OSDM tip, let’s review a REAL OSDM band. Incantation is releasing their 12th (12th!) full length on Relapse entitled Sect of Vile Divinities. The scene in general has been more responsive to Incantation of the past couple of years, and with good reason. This has all of the hallmarks of an Incantation record, doomy death riffs, blasts, harmonic solos and basically brutal death metal. All the aforementioned add up to one beaking good record, and although it’s their 12th, nothing comes across as samey or derivative. The one—and it’s minor—gripe I have is that the production is a little slick and could use a little more “bite.” Killer tho. 7 Fucking Pecks!

I REALLY thought I wasn’t going to like this, but Venom is releasing Sons of Satan, a collection of rehearsals and early demos. There is nothing here that is shocking, most of the tracks are classic Venom. The thing here is, although the quality is not great, it’s much better than expected and actually one can hear some of their earlier influences (Motörhead). This is not a necessary release, but is kinda fun. 7 Fucking Pecks!

Until next time—Waldo out!

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