For Those About to Squawk: King Parrot, Evil Invaders, Monarch

What’s up gang? I mean, like, what’s going on? I mean I’m here to tell you about what’s coming up so you people know what’s going on.

So Austrailia’s King Parrot are releasing Ugly Produce on Housecore Records. This is King Parrot no doubt, tongue-in-cheek and kinda grindy punk. Ugly Produce definitely leans more towards the punk side. The riffs are here, and it’s catchy and fun, but there’s something lacking in the production. It’s not thin, it’s not, well, it’s hard to put a feather on it, but it’s off… it seems a little stiff (you have a little stiff hehehe). This is pretty cool and this band rips live, but all being said, the catchiness, the fun, the riffs, there’s something missing here that should be there. That dude’s grandma vocals kinda bum me out at times too… so I like it. It’s good, but not stellar. Fucking oath dude. 6 Fucking Pecks. Also, the video has a lot of dildos in it and by a lot, I mean more than one…

So, I usually hate stuff on Napalm Records… and, well… I actually don’t hate Evil Invaders. This being my first exposure to them, I’m pleasantly surprised. Feed Me Violence is THRASH metal with a capital “T,” and it had better be. You know, if you name your band after a badass Razor record, you can’t be doom metal. So this is thrash and catchy, and fun. It does seem they take this with a grain of salt, but who knows—it could be serious. If it is, that’s different and it kinda sucks. The one big complaint is the drum sound… This could be a kick ass thrash record if the guitars growled more and the drums had a little more punch and a little less click. All in all, this is cool and they can write a song. So 6 Fucking Pecks…

So I love Monarch and Profound Lore. Never Forever shows the French doomsters at their eeriest but to call this doom is a bit of a misnomer. This is dark, oppressive, kind of a cult, ritualistic experience in feedback, distortion and just overall darkness. I’m pecking digging this. This isn’t “rocking daddy doom” but the sonic version of traveling through a dark cave to witness some illegal Satanic practice. Peck yes, crank this shiz and feel dark, depressed and dismal. 8 Fucking Pecks

I’d be remiss in not pumping my human counterpart’s out-of-print ambient noise thing that’s available digitally…Tentacles of God (0 Fucking Pecks). Check it out if you want, or don’t…
Tentacles of God by Tentacles of God

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