For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Kreator, Phenocryst and Mad Butcher

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This time of year is always bad for new releases, so… remember, “I’m not an elitist, you just have bad taste.” Hope everyone has recovered from dBMBF west coast!

Kreator oh my is re-releasing the techno-ish Endorama. Technically, I’m not sure why. Late in the year, there are often a lot of reissues and not all of them are good. Remember the dark days of Kreator? The “hey, we’ve been treading water, so let’s try some new stuff?” Well, this was it. As far as their discography goes, this was a breath of fresh air comparatively, but most fans hated it. Personally, I liked this one. Definitely NOT a trash record, but kind of a gothy sorta NIN-pumped-through-the-Kreator-filter. Think gothy—not dancey—electro Kreator. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Wow, from Portugal, comes Phenocryst with Explosions on Blood Harvest. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot for me to go on here. Blood Harvest is usually great at getting OSDM that’s pretty good. You know the deal here, groovy riffs, blast beats, growled vocals, but all of this is not “just another OSDM band”—or whatever I could gleam from this song. 5 Fucking Pecks.

Hey, look it’s a Mad Butcher from Germany re-release! Metal Meat is back in print. Man, I loved these guys in the ’80s. Speed metal at its finest. Not a lot to say, but this is exactly what you think it is; fast riffs, kick-ass vocals, and odes to metal! I’m pretty stoked to see this gem unearthed. Every metalhead should know this one, so get with it! 8 Fucking Pecks

See you in the New Year! Love, Waldo!

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