Floya release new music video for ‘Weaver’

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FLOYA have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Weaver, is the latest single from the German two-piece pop-rock band and follows the release of Wonders in March this year.

Speaking about the new song, vocalist Phil Bayer comments, Weaver is a very personal song to me, in which I’m opening up about the very real demons haunting almost every artist, including myself. I think it’s nearly impossible to get rid of your shadows completely, this can have a variety of reasons. In my case they’re almost necessary, because of the emotion they cause. While that emotion is mainly hurtful, I’ve learned to use it to create things, it’s fuelling me a lot. I guess it’s all about finding and keeping balance.”

Watch the official music video for Weaver here:

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