Five Riffs You Should Always Play at Guitar Stores (and How to Play Them)

A few months back, Robert Baker shared his video for “Five Riffs You Should Never Play at a Guitar Store—and How to Play Them.”

His intention was to prevent you from selecting overplayed riffs that might drive the staff crazy. Conversely, if you actually wanted to enrage the staff, the list could help you in that regard as well.

Robert is back with a new video for five riffs you should always play at a guitar store. As with the above-mentioned lesson, he shows you how to play them and provides tab, which you can get right here.

“Basically, I took the five riffs that I did last time and picked a different song by the band that is still popular,” Robert explains. The one exception: Rather than choose an alternate Lynyrd Skynyrd song, he went with an AC/DC track. “Not that I don’t love Lynyrd Skynyrd,” Robert says, “I just honestly didn’t feel like playing another Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

Have a look. And when you’re done, be sure to check out Robert’s excellent YouTube channel and website.

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