Five For Friday: September 30, 2022

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Greetings, Decibel listeners!

We’ve got some really high-quality stuff for you this week. Christ, I sound like a dealer when I say that. Regardless, I think you’ll enjoy the mix of death and black metal I stacked up here this week. Both Autopsy and Till are on my list for the best albums of the year already, no question. But that Acephalix totally slays as well, so don’t pass that up either.


Acephalix – Theothanatology

Quality death metal from 20 Buck Spin. No surprises there. Packed with the kind of riffs you can imagine the band smiled and nodded to as they created them. “Oh yea, that’s going on the record!”

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Arkheth – Clarity Came With A Cool Summer’s Breeze

What is this … I don’t even? Well, it’s on I, Voidhanger, so that’s not a surprise. I normally don’t go for things that are “zany” and “random” for its own sake, but this is just so bonkers that I had to make all of you hear it now too.

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Autopsy – Morbidity Triumphant

I’m a big fan of this album, as it really is classic doom-infused, gory death metal at its best. But here’s what our resident African Grey had to say about it:

God (or Satan) damned do I love Autopsy, and here they are, in 2022 putting out another new record Morbidity Triumphant. If you are an extreme metal fan and don’t know Autopsy by now, wake the f up. This is  filthy, crusty, dirty, and all of the disgusting words used to describe Autopsy’s music. Most of the regular cast of characteristics are here: fast riffs, blast beats, screamed vocals, psycho leads, and of course the death/doom riffs that Autopsy perfected over 30 years ago.

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Strigoi – Viscera

Out from the remains of Vallenfyre arose Strigoi. This is the band’s second album, a follow up to 2019’s Abandon All Faith. Dark, unsettling, and atmospheric. Music for when you’re ready to see what’s inside that cave.

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Till – Monument to Man’s Frailty

One of the best black metal albums to come out in 2022. There’s a massive glut now of raw black metal bands, a veritable flood of vampyric blood flooding the walls of Bandcamp. If you want something similar to that but a cut above the rest, you’ll love this. I sure did. In a lot of ways, it’s an update to the early work of Gehenna, blended with reminders of Astarte, the LLN scene, and other classic sounds. Roanoke and company are masters of riff-making, and back this up with some of the catchiest synth-lines you’ll hear outside the dance hall. Crank this one, friends.

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