Five Favorite Fender Stratocaster Tones

The Fender Stratocaster has been a staple for just about every musical style since its introduction in 1954. And for good reason: The Strat’s features and electronics make it an extremely versatile guitar, with a wide range of great usable tones.

Guitar instructor and professional guitarist Tim Pierce recently took a new Fender American Professional Series Strat in hand to demonstrate five of his favorite Strat sounds. He also talks about some of American Professional Series model’s features, including its pop-in trem arm. The American Professional Series Strat comes with V-Mod Stratocaster pickups and has a treble-bleed circuit that maintains the guitar’s high end even when you turn down the volume.

Tim plays for about the first minute and a half, after which he takes you through some of his favorite Strat sounds. He offers a wealth of great guitar instruction videos on his YouTube channel and his website,, so check them out as well.

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