First Signs Of Frost release new music video for ‘Relics’

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FIRST SIGNS OF FROST have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Relics, is taken from the London-based progressive post-hardcore band’s upcoming new album, Anthropocene, which is scheduled to be released in September this year.

The new single is the second song to be released from the upcoming album, following on from Loss, which was released last month.

Speaking about the new song, guitarist Owen Hughes-Holland says, “the theme for Relics is one that approaches the subject of those who live in their own narcissistic bubble, generally looking down on others, and taking life, and even the earth itself for granted. The song outlines how we should be grateful to exist on this planet, and to bare in mind the vastness of the universe to put our own lives in perspective. I feel as though most people will have no doubt encountered someone like this in their life at some point, and can therefore take some sort of comfort and solace in the lyrics.”

Watch the official music video for Relics here: 

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