Excuses Excuses release new music video for ‘My Nicotine’

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EXCUSES EXCUSES have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track My Nicotine, is taken from the rock trio’s latest album Listen Up! which was released in August this year.

Speaking about the song singer Kyle shares, “When we were recording this track, we knew there was something special about it as soon as we heard it through the studio speakers. It was almost haunting how we all looked around to each other as the first chorus hit with our jaws wide open as if we were all thinking “did you hear that?!?!” I think it was a big turning point for the recording of our album, because that was the moment we realized we had something much more special than just a collection of songs on our hands. We had a real RECORD, and nothing can recreate how good that felt.”

Watch the official video for My Nicotine here:

Listen Up! is out now via Known Accomplice.

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