Every Guitar Technique in One Solo

Becoming a versatile guitar player is something everyone should consider, regardless of whether your passion lies, genre-wise. Training yourself to be fluent in multiple styles of music will actually improve your ability to play your favorite genres and make you a more well-rounded musician.

The best place to start with any genre is by digging into techniques first and approaching tone afterwards. The most expensive boutique guitar amp won’t make you sound like a blues player if you don’t have your double-stop and bending techniques locked in, and a towering stack of high-gain amps won’t make you sound like a metal player if you don’t have your various picking styles up to snuff.

Take a look at the compilation of techniques in my video below, and see how they might be able to fit into your own arsenal of techniques. No matter your skill level, everyone should be able to master the “Guitar Hero” technique pretty quickly.

Tyler Larson is the founder of the guitar-centric website Music is Win. His entertaining guitar-related content receives hundreds of thousands of video views on Facebook per month, and his online guitar courses tout more than 1,500 students with a cumulative 4.7 rating on Udemy. Get in touch with Tyler on Facebook, watch more of his guitar lessons and vlogs on YouTube, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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