Ethan Brosh: announces new album details

Ethan Brosh

Happy New Year everyone! So finally I have a brand new record!! After working my A$$ off for 3 years it’s finally here and can’t wait for you to hear it! It’s available for pre-orders now!! The official release date is February 16th, If you order it now you may get it before the release date…Streaming will only have a couple of songs but a lot more awesome than that there is a very cool 180gram heavyweight Vinyl available with lots of extra pictures etc, a CD with a 12 page booklet and a digital download available as well! Lots of cool stuff is coming soon to promote this record but this is the first post so if you want to be among the first to have it we set up a page that has a bunch of the popular retailers that carry it so you can get it from wherever you’re used to:

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The artwork you’re seeing here was made by none other than Derek Riggs who created all the classic Iron Maiden artwork! So glad to be back working with him again! This album features the hard work of a lot of great musicians as well as some of the top production engineers you could ever have! I’ve had the pleasure of having Max Norman (Ozzy, Megadeth, Bad Company) mix the album again and it came out sounding insane I can tell you that!

If you preorder on iTunes it’ll give you a full free track right now!

Sound samples are available on my website along with preordering the record

The album is also available on pledgemusic where you can find some rare items not available anywhere else like the vinyl test pressing and some VIP concert experiences etc…The link is in the retail landing page above.

Definitely my best work so far! Hope you like it!!!


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