EP REVIEW: The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy – The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy

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Releasing a three song EP as your first release is a polarizing move. You have to make sure that the songs are fantastic and represent who you are as a group. On the other hand, it can be hard to decide what songs sum you up. Furthermore, they might be the right songs for you, but the wrong songs for general consumption. These are the questions that would plague most musicians. However, for THE CHALLENGER DISASTER CONSPIRACY, these questions do not cross their mind. The Minneapolis independent punk band are made up of four metal veterans who want to play satirical music that is silly and fun.

The first thing that stands out about THE CHALLENGER DISASTER CONSPIRACY‘s self-titled EP is the names of the songs. They are all amusingly or at least intriguingly named. For example, the opening song is called The VCR Repairman, but underneath the funny song title are stark lyrics. Whilst they might seem surface level (“This isn’t the America I was born in!” is the refrain), that doesn’t matter so much because the songs are satirical. On a technical level, the band have hit that sweet spot between punk and rock, bringing back the nostalgia for the 80s which makes a lot sense considering they include among their inspirations the likes of Axl Rose and other 80s icons.

Something’s Wrong With Dougie is the next song. A fast-paced punk song, it sounds a bit heavier than the previous song, but that is not a bad thing because it shows that the band can experiment with their sound. However, what is most refreshing about this band is that they bring back the raw edge to punk. What is even better than that is the sound does not sound like it needs any editing. Lyrically, the second song deals with gambling addiction, and whilst the lyrics might sound a little funny as they directly address the jackpot machine, it is a further triumph that the band get the satire right.

The final song is Stick To Sports. This is a vastly different song because of the sound and the lyrics. The song’s pacing is fast during the chorus and slow during the verses. There is even a guitar solo thrown in. The lyrics on the other hand do not really hide behind satire. In fact, they are more sarcastic. They are from the perspective of a sports news reader who is reacting to the various Black Lives Matter protests with interludes of sports reporting. However, the sarcasm quickly leaves as the song progresses. This is a fantastic way to end the EP as it not only shows how brilliant the music is, but also how clever the songwriting is.

Do you want a record with satirical lyrics and fantastic music? If so, you should definitely check out THE CHALLENGER DISASTER CONSPIRACY‘s self-titled debut EP. Not only is it really fun, but the band have done the seemingly impossible and created an EP that feels like it is the right length. They have chosen three songs that best show off their sound, and it is a fantastic raw punk sound that is rooted in the 80s. The lyrics are so clever and scathing to listen to, and the songs just make you want to get up and dance. This is a brilliant debut EP that shows off an exciting new talent in punk music. Keep an eye on THE CHALLENGER DISASTER CONSPIRACY; they are only just getting started.

Rating: 9/10

The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy is set for release on September 1st via self-release.


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