EP REVIEW: Reset – Anova Skyway

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Arguably the first eye-catching detail about ANOVA SKYWAY is their name. The chosen moniker of the six-piece band from Houston, Texas is unique and intriguing to say the least. Furthermore, the cover for their new EP, Reset, is bright and colourful. This EP follows on from their 2020 single Diet Of Worms and comprises six songs, one of which is a cover.

Translucent is the first song on the EP. It starts off slow before building up to a rock chorus that is fit for an arena. Vocalist Mike Palacios sounds almost angelic during the chorus, as he belts it out. However, around the bridge of the song, there is the twist of screaming vocals. It is evident that the band know what they are doing in regards to their sound. The song is a fantastic introduction to the EP.

Absent slows things down a lot; however, don’t let that fool you into thinking that the band have lost their edge. It is a beautiful song that allows the rest of the band – guitarists Andrew Alvarez and Sean Gary, bassist Cory Miles, drummer Mike Marksberry, and Frank Alonzo on keyboard and synths – time to shine. Of course, they were not unheard during the first song. The pacing of the song might be slow but this does not affect the overall pacing of the EP.

The momentum is thanks to Dean Dichoso, who produced the EP. He has an ear for making things work, regardless of pacing. For example, Spark is an upbeat rock song. Coming after a slow song like Absent it could have sounded jarring, but it doesn’t. Furthermore, the band clearly know their sound, and are sounding more polished on this EP. Their accessible rock is fit for arenas, while their leaning into post-hardcore with the unclean vocals is not as out of left field as it sounds. This is because the screams are in the background, and therefore do not distract the audience from the overall song.

City Underground is the longest song on the EP, clocking in at six minutes and 37 seconds. Despite the length, the song never loses sight of the sound, again keeping the overall feel of the record consistent. On the other hand, Ashes To Ashes – a FAITH NO MORE cover and the last song on the EP – takes a heavier rock tone, and it is more prog-rock than the previous songs. Again, this would affect any other EP; however, ANOVA SKYWAY clearly know what they are doing, as this song fits in right at home with the rest of the EP, despite it being a cover song.

Overall, Reset is a fantastic EP by a very exciting band. ANOVA SKYWAY are having a blast with this EP, and the momentum doesn’t slow down for a second. The pacing is brilliantly done, and even when the songs slow down, they do not bog down the pacing of the overall EP. The production is another highlight; the instruments can be clearly heard. Nothing sounds muted. Even the crossover into post-hardcore music does not sound unnatural. If you like anyone from KINGS OF LEON to WHILE SHE SLEEPS, then this record could have something for you.

Rating: 9/10

Reset - Anova Skyway

Reset is set for release on July 15th via self-release.

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