EP REVIEW: Downer Part.2 – ten56.

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TEN56. came bursting onto the scene in the midst of the pandemic and haven’t stopped dominating since. With a star-studded line-up of top tier musicians within their ranks it is little surprise that they have hit the ground running in such emphatic fashion. 2023 has just begun and it is already treating us to their second EP entitled Downer Part.2 which is due for release on January 13th via Out Of Line. Will this effort continue their incendiary form?

Yenta hits your ears like a pneumatic drill; crushing heaviness takes little time to settle into a devastating rhythmic pummelling. The lethal combination of disgust-ridden bellows and vicious gutturals show zero remorse. Traumadoll follows suit with barrages of dissonant glitchiness. Rapid drum bursts will leave your brain rattling around your skull. RLS injects some unsuspecting melodies and slick rapping sequences into proceedings.

Saiko reverts back to the demonic, industrial-tinged carnage. Maniacal lyrics instil a mixture of unease and chaos upon the track. Intruder offers up a brief experimental interlude which stays true to the unfolding narrative carved thus far. It’s not long before Masque makes its presence felt and begins to run amok. Bludgeoning instrumentation leaves little room to catch your breath. Ender may just be the most gruesome of them all, relentlessly demolishing what remains of your dwindling existence.

Downer Part.2 picks up pretty much where the previous instalment left off: unforgiving, frenetic carnage. There are an abundance of bands who threaten to push the boundaries of audible violence but none are quite as explosive or have made the immediate impact of TEN56.. If this is what they can achieve in a couple of years then God help us all if the momentum keeps running at full tilt.

Rating: 8/10

Downer Part. 2 - ten56.

Downer Part.2 is set for release on January 13th via Out Of Line.

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