EP REVIEW: Doom Sessions Vol. 7 – Endtime & Cosmic Reaper

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Heavy Psych Sounds have long been plying us with the most brilliant, brooding doom upstarts and have been instrumental in the advancement of the scene, cultivating an enviable stable of righteous talent. Two such bands that emerged in 2021 are ENDTIME and COSMIC REAPER, who have come together here for a two-pronged attack of horror-tinged and psychedelic doom, respectively, on Doom Sessions Vol. 7.

ENDTIME front load the assault, with atmospheric and disquieting soundscapes that house far brasher broad strokes of pummelling doom riffs and harsh, acerbic vocals. In fact, starting with a cover of DEVO oddity Tunnel Of Life, bedecked as it is in ethereal programmed choral arrangements, makes for a suitably chaotic opening gambit. There is something deeply bewitching yet embattling in the arrangement, as vocalist Christian Chatfield screams and roars with terrible might, almost as if to drown out the aforementioned heavenly voices, which feels very on-brand for the Swedish occult riffers.

COSMIC REAPER close this split EP with a triumvirate of fuzzed out corkers, their sound falling far closer to the ELECTRIC WIZARD end of the doomic spectrum. Psychedelic, tripped out and raucous, tracks like Dead And Loving It are irresistible and instant, feeling familiar and fresh all at once. But it’s Sundowner, their first entry on Doom Sessions Vol. 7, that really takes the cake here. It’s the kind of stoner doom track that feels like it ought to be a staple on ‘Introduction to Doom’ or ‘Doom Essentials’ playlists. From the lilting opening guitar melodies, to the giant-killing riffs that lurk deeper in this cave, while Thad Collis‘ howling clean vocals give everything a wash of urgent calm – it’s a paradoxical oxymoron that will make sense as soon as you hear it.

Doom Sessions Vol. 7 then is a catch-all for everything that is right in the realm of modern doom. Whether you’re more into the extreme doom stylings of ENDTIME, or here for a headbanging good time courtesy of COSMIC REAPER, you can do no wrong in pressing play here. If this is a sign of the doom to come in 2023, we’re in for one hell of a year.

Rating: 8/10

Doom Sessions Vol. 7 - Endtime and Cosmic Reaper

Doom Sessions Vol. 7 is set for release on January 20th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

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