EP Premiere: Septage – Septic Decadence

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We’re psyched to bring you this exclusive full stream of the debut EP from Septage, a brand-new death-grind trio coming out of that most putrid hotbed, Copenhagen, Deathmark. Septage brings together bass guitarist Malik, also of Hyperdontia, guitarist Tobias and drummer Ugur, who also plays in Taphos and Ascendency. Septic Decadence contains four absolutely sewage goregrinding gut-blasters guaranteed to upset your bowels and your year-end list alike. 

According to the band, Septage “started during pandemic times by three friends knowing each other through their bands in the Copenhagen underground music scene.” They explain that their mission is “to play simple and effective music with the urgency and grossness of the best goregrind and death metal bands from the past. Catchy, to the point and in your face.”

Septic Decadence

Preorder Septic Decadence 7″ from Me Saco Un Ojo today. 

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