EP Premiere: Diabolical Evil – “Cursed by Blood” / “Valley of the Damned”

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The sole member of Diabolical Evil performs under the nom de guerre of Rodrigo Infërnäl Ridër, which should give you some idea as to the kind of hellish hymns he’s making. The Ridër launched Diabolical Evil in late 2020 in his hometown of Araripina, in northeastern Brazil. Since then, he’s unleashed a demo, a single, an EP, and soon, a 7-inch of doggedly old-school black/thrash/speed metal on the world. His countrymen in Sarcófago seem to be his biggest influence, but you can also hear traces of (very) early Bathory and Slayer, and even some subtle Mercyful Fate flourishes. In Diabolical Evil’s world, it’s always 1985.

Vicious Witch Records, a new U.K.-based label, has teamed with the Ridër for his latest release—a 7-inch that pairs a new version of last year’s “Cursed by Blood” with the never-before-heard “Valley of the Damned.” You can listen to both songs in advance of their March 7 release below, and read a short statement from Rodrigo Infërnal Ridër on the release:

“Diabolical fire and evil spells in the night of eternal black magic!”

Diabolical Evil’s Cursed by Blood 7-inch is out March 7 via Vicious Witch Records.

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