Enter Shikari announce new album ‘A Kiss For The Whole World’

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ENTER SHIKARI have announced a new album!

Titled A Kiss For The Whole World, the upcoming album from the St Albans-based band is the follow-up to 2020’s Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible, and is scheduled to be released in April this year, via SO Recordings and Ambush Reality.

In the Spring of 2022, the band descended to the coastal town of Chichester, and a delipidated farmhouse, to rebuild their studio setup and capture their renewed momentum on record. The band used only solar power to track the album. Speaking about the upcoming album, frontman Rou Reynolds says, “back to basics. This band – my best friends – bundled into an old farmhouse, miles away from anywhere. Off-grid, and ready to rediscover ourselves. This album is powered by the sun, the most powerful object in our solar system. And I think you can tell. It’s a collection of songs that represent an explosive reconnection with what ENTER SHIKARI is. The beginning of our second act.”

Alongside the announcement of the new album, ENTER SHIKARI have released a new song lifted from the upcoming album; (pls) set me on fire. Speaking about the new song, Reynolds says, “honestly, I thought I was fucked. I’ve never felt so detached from my soul, my purpose, my fucking spirit. I didn’t write music for almost two years. The longest I’d gone before that was two weeks. I was broken. It’s almost as if my brain had asked: ‘what is the point in music if it cannot be shared? What is the point in writing music if it’s not to be experienced with others?’ and then promptly switched itself off. (pls) set me on fire grew out of that desperation. This song is a projectile vomit of positive energy. Every emotion trapped inside me for two years, finally set free.”

Listen to (pls) set me on fire here:

Also, you can view both the track list and artwork for the upcoming new album below:

Track List: 

1. A Kiss for the Whole World x
2. (pls) set me on fire
3. It Hurts
4. Leap into the Lightning
5. feed yøur søul
6. Dead Wood
7. Jailbreak
8. Bloodshot
9. Bloodshot (Coda)
10. goldfĭsh ~
11. Giant Pacific Octopus (i don’t know you anymore)
12. giant pacific octopus swirling off into infinity…

A Kiss For The Whole World - Enter Shikari

And that’s not all from the ENTER SHIKARI camp! To promote their new album, the band have announced a run of special UK residency shows from February through to April. Speaking about the tour, Reynolds says, “it’s hard to do anything interesting with live shows today. We wanted to do something different. We’re going to become a local band to five major cities in the UK. It’s going to be interesting to see how the shows evolve every time we return.”

Tour dates are as follows: 

Feb 15 – HERE at Outernet, London, UK
Feb 16 – New Century Hall, Manchester, UK
Feb 17 – KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, UK
Feb 19 – SWX, Bristol, UK
Feb 20 – St Luke’s, Glasgow, UK
Mar 14 – New Century Hall, Manchester, UK
Mar 15 – St Luke’s, Glasgow, UK
Mar 16 – KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, UK
Mar 17 – HERE at Outernet, London, UK
Mar 18 – SWX, Bristol, UK
Apr 05 – Knust, Hamburg, DE
Apr 07 – Botanique, Brussels, BE
Apr 08 – Luxor, Koln, DE
Apr 13 – St Luke’s, Glasgow, UK
Apr 14 – New Century Hall, Manchester, UK
Apr 15 – KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, UK
Apr 16 – SWX, Bristol, UK
Apr 17 – HERE at Outernet, London, UK

Enter Shikari UK Tour 2023

A Kiss For The Whole World is set for release on April 21st via SO Recordings/Ambush Reality. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on ENTER SHIKARI like their official page on Facebook.

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