Employed To Serve announce deluxe version of ‘Conquering’

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EMPLOYED TO SERVE have announced a new deluxe album!

The deluxe edition of the British metallers’ 2021 full-length Conquering is scheduled to be released in March this year via Spinefarm Records and will feature a new song, a remix, and two live tracks from their tour of Europe with GOJIRA last year.

Alongside the announcement, the band have released one of these tracks already – a remix of Sun Up To Sun Down featuring New Zealand metal trio ALIEN WEAPONRY.

Speaking about the new version of the song, EMPLOYED TO SERVE frontwoman Justine Jones offers, “We always find it exciting to rework an already finalised song, and when the idea of doing it to a track from our latest album Conquering came up, the obvious choice was Sun Up to Sun DownThe idea of reworking a track is to add a new dimension to it, and what better way than bringing in new musicians to alter the entire DNA of the song. We asked the guys in ALIEN WEAPONRY if they would be up for this collaboration whilst on tour with them last Summer. We thought their vocal stylings could really add something to Sun Up…. They seemed as enthusiastic about the idea as we were, so when we got back from tour we sent them the track to add their parts and we were stoked on the outcome! It’s also rather poetic, due to the time difference when the sun is rising here in the UK – it’s setting in their home country of New Zealand.”

ALIEN WEAPONRY add, “We’ve always wanted to be a part of a musical collaboration and we had such a blast with EMPLOYED TO SERVE on our last tour together that when they approached us to collab on Sun Up to Sun Down we were stoked to be a part of it! It couldn’t have been a more perfect song for us because it was our favourite song to hear them play every night on tour, that riff just stuck in our heads and we actively waited to hear it live while waiting around backstage. We think our musical styles have mixed well and the gang vocal element that we did has really added some power behind an already powerful riff. This was so much fun to be a part of and we can’t thank EMPLOYED TO SERVE enough for being an amazing band and amazing people!”

Listen to Sun Up To Sun Down (Remix) here:

The deluxe version of the album also features brand new artwork, which you can view below.

Conquering (Deluxe Edition) - Employed To Serve

Conquering (Deluxe) is set for release on March 10th via Spinefarm Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

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