Eight Non-Musical Things Every Guitarist Should Know

One of the most popular stories ever to appear on GuitarWorld.com is a little something we posted a few years ago called “The 25 Things Every Guitarist Should Know.”

Well, guitar instructor and YouTube user SamuraiGuitarist has come up a few extra pointers, all of which are featured in his new video, “Eight Non-Musical Things Every Guitarist Should Know.” The video, which you can check out below, is full of useful tips, including:

• Know how to properly wrap a cable
• Have a good relationship with your local guitar shop
• Beware of any organization that charges you to join

… and more. Five more, to be exact. These include a particularly interesting one, “Always pack a gig kit.” Find out how he defines “gig kit” at the 2:32 point in the clip.

For more advice from the Samurai Guitarist, check out “How Do You Make an Acoustic Guitar Sound Like a String Quartet? Try This.”

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