Dr. Z Amplification Announces EMS 50-Watt Head

Dr. Z Amplification is proud to announce the EMS, a new 50-watt head. The company’s goal with the EMS is to produce essential sounds of three generations of classic British amplifiers.

Starting with a mid-Sixties JTM 50 variant, the EMS combines a dual EL-34 power section with a tube rectified power supply, available by selecting “tube” via the rectifier switch on the back panel. Additionally, setting the EMS’ sensitivity switch to “low” and the “touch” response switch to the down position will produce the bloom and feel of the early American tweed amps, but with the British charm of EL-34 output tubes.

Flashing forward to the Seventies, the essence of the “small box” JMP amp is available in the EMS by selecting the “solid state” rectifier via the back panel, selecting “low” sensitivity, and using the “touch” switch to match the amplifier with your choice of guitar. Using the same circuit topography of the JTM series, only with a more powerful solid state power supply, this sound is noted for its lightning quick response and cutting “kerrang” in the upper midrange.

Lastly, the EMS incorporates the cascaded gain stage design found in the Eighties JCM series. By using the “high” sensitivity switch on the front panel, and selecting solid state rectification, hard rock and classic metal tones with tight bass response and singing gain will come screaming out of your guitar. Dr. Z massaged the circuit to remove some of the annoying, persistent high-treble this era of amplifier has been maligned for, and boosted the gain a bit further so that more “modern” drive tones are available higher on the gain knob.

The EMS, like all Dr. Z amplifiers, is 100 percent hand-wired in Maple Heights, Ohio, using select components throughout its stages and built on a custom rolled aluminum chassis. It has a precise copy of the Drake 784-139 50-watt output transformer for authentic British crunch.

For a perfect match to the EMS small box head, Dr. Z offers a 2×12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion Creamback 65M speaker and a Celestion G12 H30 70th Anniversary speaker wired in series for 16 ohm. This cab is a great aesthetic match to the EMS head and is covered with black tolex, black grill cloth, and gold piping. If ordered as a set, the EMS and matching 2×12 will be offered at a special discounted price.

For more information, visit drzamps.com.

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