Donald Trump Just Nominated A Strong Supporter Of Net Neutrality As FCC Commissioner

image from pbs.twimg.comPresident Donald Trump has nominated Jessica Rosenworcel to fill the open Democratic slot at the Federal Communications Commission. If confirmed, it will mark her return to the FCC, where she served as a commissioner from 2012 – 2016, departing after the Senate did not act to extend her term.


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Jessica Rosenworcel has been a strong and vocal supporter of net neutrality. While serving as a commissioner at the FCC, she voted for the rules that subject internet providers to federal oversight.

Now, new Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is pushing to end the regulations that force ISPs to treat all content equally.

With the late night announcement that the Trump administration was nominating Rosenworcel to an open seat at the FCC,  supporters of net neutrality have a friend at the FCC. 

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