Derryl Gabel: Allan Holdsworth The Drums Were Yellow Solo here’s my attempt at matching Allan’s lead distortion patch. In this demo I’m attempting to play “The Drums Were Yellow” solo by Allan Holdsworth. May his music live on forever! I’m using the Kiesel Vader6X with a KH12B pickup ( the Holdsworth pickup ) and it’s about 4mm away from the strings. My tone knob is set to 5. The guitar processor is an Axe FX XL Plus. The FW is 8.02. I have to thank Simeon from the Axe FX forum for helping with the idea of running the delays in parallel. Simeon is an axe fx guru. I got the delay settings from the Holdsworth preset on the Yamaha Magic Stomp. The amp is Allan’s favorite ( from the 2014 interview on youtube ) the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Orange. I put a drive block in front of the amp. I’m using the T808 OD. I used audio from a video on youtube of Allan demoing the rocket pedal to capture the the Tone Match block. The amp settings was from an old guitar mag from the 90’s that showed Allans settings. To fatten it up a bit I used the Pitch block with a -3 / +3 at 30%mix. Finally I used the multiband EQ in the amp block to get me the rest of the way there.
If you have an Axe FX XL Plus running FW8.02 or later go here for the patch…

Allan Holdsworth The Drums Were Yellow Solo

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