DAVID ELLEFSON Is 'Super Proud' Of His Contribution To 'Moral Hygiene', MINISTRY's New Album

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Former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson says that he is “super proud” of his contribution to the new MINISTRY album “Moral Hygiene”.

Although Ellefson‘s appearance on the LP wasn’t mentioned in any of the press releases from MINISTRY‘s record label, Nuclear Blast, leading up to the album’s arrival, Ellefson says that he is featured on two of “Moral Hygiene”‘s tracks, a cover of THE STOOGES“Search And Destroy” and a song called “Believe Me”.

Earlier today, Ellefson took to his social media to share a photo of him with MINISTRY leader Al Jourgensen in the studio, and he included the following message: “Super proud to be a part of the new MINISTRY album, Moral Hygiene, out today via Nuclear Blast! To offer up the bass track on a cover of Iggy Pop‘s ‘Search and Destroy’ and to also have a cool collaboration on ‘Believe Me’ (alongside Billy Morrison) is truly a career highlight for me as a long time MINISTRY fan and friend of the mighty Al Jourgensen. The record kicks ass as you would expect from MINISTRY. Check it out!!”

All of Nuclear Blast‘s press releases about “Moral Hygiene” have made mention of the LP’s other contributors, which include Morrison, Jello Biafra (Jourgensen‘s cohort in side project LARD), Cesar Soto (MAN THE MUTE), John Bechdel (KILLING JOKE, FEAR FACTORY), Roy Mayorga (STONE SOUR, SOULFLY, NAUSEA), Paul D’Amour (TOOL, FEERSUM ENNJIN), Arabian Prince (N.W.A.) and sitar player Flash.

Ellefson was fired from MEGADETH in May after sexually explicit photos and video of the bassist leaked online along with allegations that he had been grooming a fan, which he vehemently denied. A short time after after the messages and video footage involving him were posted on Twitter, Ellefson filed a report with the police department in Scottsdale, Arizona alleging unlawful distribution of sexually explicit images of him by unknown offenders. In the report, Ellefson admitted that he had been exchanging sexual text messages with a Dutch teenager, who captured a video of several of their virtual “masturbating encounters” without his consent and shared them with friends. (According to Ellefson, the woman was 19 at the time of their first virtual sexual encounter.) Ellefson, who lives in Scottsdale, first became aware of the video on May 9, when the claim “David Ellefson of MEGADETH is a pedophile” appeared on Instagram. Ellefson told police he was notified on May 14 by MEGADETH that the band would be parting ways with him. Three days later, he was fired.

Ellefson was in MEGADETH from the band’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until his latest exit.

Super proud to be a part of the new Ministry album, Moral Hygiene, out today via Nuclear Blast! To offer up the bass…

Posted by David Ellefson on Friday, October 1, 2021

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