Damnation Festival announce two new bands

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Damnation Festival have announced two new bands for this year’s festival!

After announcing BOSSK for their A Night Of Salvation pre-show, now, two more heavyweights are joining the lineup for the annual extreme metal festival this November! ELECTRIC WIZARD will headline the festival, in their only UK show of the year, whilst Norwegian heavyweights ENSLAVED will return to their black metal roots with a full album performance of 1994’s debut, Vikingligr Veldi.

Speaking about performing at this year’s festival, ENSLAVED says, “30 years after the the recording of our debut full length, Vikingligr Veldi, we are ready to perform it in its entirety! For the first and last time in the UK! Hope to see all our UK fans at Damnation. Alu Alu Laukar.”

Organiser Gavin McInally adds,ELECTRIC WIZARD are a Damnation fans’ favourite and since they last sold the festival out seven years ago they’ve continued their climb to the top of the doom ladder, headlining huge festivals across the globe. It’s now time to give them a platform fitting on their stature for a one-off UK show, with full arena production behind them. Only dabble in psychedelics if your brain can handle occult videos clips on a cinema screen while being pummelled by Funeralopolis. The words honour and privilege get tossed around too often in marketing statements but when you book ENSLAVED for the only time they’ll ever play Vikingligr Veldi in the UK, they feel appropriate. This set will take the band back three decades to a black metal masterpiece and we expect fans to fly in from across the world to see it.”

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Damnation Festival 2023 takes place at BEC Arena, Manchester on November 3rd-4th 2023. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on Damnation Festival like their official page on Facebook.

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