Cort and Manson Guitar Works Team Up for M-Jet

Cort Guitars and U.K.-based Manson Guitar Works have announced a new collaboration for 2017, the Cort/Manson M-Jet.

The new guitar is based on the Manson MA EVO profile model but aimed more toward players who value extreme playability, sounds and altered tunings.

Here’s some info from Cort and Manson:

The all-black visuals include hardware, new-design custom pickups and Manson’s durable satin finish to create the M-Jet configuration. While sharing the profile of the Manson MA EVO series body and neck, many details distinguish the M-Jet variant. The neck profile is all new: thinner and flatter, it’s built for speed and incorporates reinforcing rods for any extreme tuning required.

Immediately obvious are the “Hanzi” characters detailing neck positions in Chinese number symbols. Less obvious is the smooth compound radius and 24-fret fingerboard design offering ease of performance throughout the whole neck. Locking tuners offer solid stability and ease of string changing.

Manson’s decades of experience have resulted in a new twin humbucker pickup set that offers a full-response neck combined with an aggressive but detailed high-output bridge design.

MSRP: $699

For more information, visit

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