Content Is King! 10 Essential Tips To Crush Your Content Hustle [Kosha Dillz]

Download (6)Here rapper Kosha Dillz offers up ten suggestions for DIY artists on how they can successfully create compelling content to engage with their fanbase and grow their brand.


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Nowadays everyone is saying this and that about spotify playlists, and every other day we are trying to figure out how to get people to come to a show. We want to make money in our sleep and we want to make money on the road and behind the scenes. By the end of the day we haven’t done anything.I was on a plane and I wrote this, so planes are the place where I know I can come up with great ideas.

These are 10 things you can do to crush your content!
1. Find something your passionate about promoting besides yourself –
this can be anything from a cause to a hobby. Acts like random choose wrestling and video games and acts like K flay have done book reviews. My agent eva from fata booking has a food blog. Enhance Hirsh  how about Mumble rap vs The Oldies?

2. Daily snaps + Instagram
Use these avenues and hashtags to find cool things. Also , start a new hobby on Instagram that isn’t just of you performing.  Rapper evidence has a  photography hobby that has become quite lucrative for him and now brings new fans to his music. Snap chat also has new features to help you interact with friends on a map.

3. Facebook Live schedule
Always wanted your own show? It can happen. Go live from your fan page and be behind the scenes. This can be a video shoot. It can be making lunch. It can be writing a song. If you do it each week, at the same time, you will have return customers 🙂

4. New merchandise

If you don’t have merch that are tons of ways to get it done. Cafe press lets you make custom designed and print for merch without making. You can also run pre-orders on designs and do cheap sales to help you press up. Back to school is around the corner. Are you ready to crush online?

5. Instagram live – cool thing about this is that it doesn’t always notify everyone and there is no history , but you can pin comments and be really interactive. It is a great.

Download (6)6. Podcast – I was told to do a podcast. My best friend told me I’d be good at it. What is the coolest thing. About podcasts? It brings us back to the art of listening. Now is a hot time to get on it and people wanna jam to it. Release it bi-weekly. If you don’t think your interesting this perfect for it. That’s why you have guests.  It’s a platform to let others promote you for free.

7. Demos + b sides  More releases in music that are your throw sways are always the reason for the season. It’s not ever the hit that becomes the hit. I just did a song called “jews with bats” and someone came in and shot a $12,000 dollar music video for a half a million dollar movie. To be honest, that was a fun thing I just did for the Israel baseball team.

8. Mailing list
This is my favorite thing.’whatever you send out , make sure You can do it with luxury. Don’t always sell. It is like fishing. Give ..give..give…pull give pull…then reel it in when you need to. Develop a relationship with your people. They signed up for the food they love, which obviously is your music.

9. Spotify playlist This officially builds up your support of others on a public level. It guarantees archive content for people to return to and also Turns on others to find your music. Instead of waiting to be in another Spotify playlist, why not create your own? Pin it to the top of your profile and get all the artists to share it. Also, every two weeks it becomes unpinned due to spotify regulations, so maybe do it again and add some new things to it. More subscribers, more  updates and 

10.  Audio Audio and more audio –  Nothing more soothing to my ears than listening to hear people talk. Business insider said they went from $2 million in 2015 to $35 million in 2016.  I started a podcast called Hustle Beach and I can’t wait to reach new fans. Maybe I will become a famous podcaster. Don’t you know interesting people and think interesting things? You can get all kinds of guests and upload direct to for only $5 a month, or even upgrade to your own app for $20-30 a month. I’m gonna sign up actually since my brother told me to do it.
With that being said, I am off to promote my tour. I don’t know how I am gonna get people to the shows, but I am gonna keep writing articles. Hopefully you read them and come to a show and tell me loudly how much you want me to keep hustling!
check out all my dates on bandsintown and give a follow to my spotify when you can.

Kosha Dillz is an awesome outspoken artist that writes ,raps ,lifts and runs in no particular order. His last LP , What I do all day and pickle, charted on 6 different billboard charts in August of 2016. His
music has been in a budlight superbowl commercial , he has played VANS WARPED TOUR, and he tours 100 + dates a year. If you want to connect with him personally, email him at

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