Chris Brooks: Gilbtrucci String Skipping.

String skipping: whilst it has a very familiar shred guitar sound, for me it was an early tool to exaggerate my picking licks and hand-eye coordination by spreading things out to the point where I was running out of strings. When you can skip from strings 1 to 6, suddenly 1 to 2 doesn’t feel so hard.

With this pattern I’m simply descending a 2 string line in C Major with even numbers of down and up strokes and a pull-off or hammer-on for the last note of each string in Gilbtrucci kinda way. I did this pattern a bit in the 90s and for some reason I seem to be digging up old licks at the moment. Blame the Ibanez! My Patreon patrons will be getting a number of these kind of exercises soon. Http://

Gilbtrucci String Skipping. Chris Brooks

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