Chizuru Segawa: inside, outside the new album available from Japan

YASEI COLLECTIVE from Masanao Matsushita [Dr], participated in Kazuhiro Bessho [Key].
Previous continue Takashi Yuasa [Bass] and of participation from the album, a piece of the whole body that has been crafted with a strong support team that Masato Watanabe [Dr] of virtuoso.
In a different approach than previous work, it has become a darker fusion piece of density.

April 26, released “inside, outside”

1. inside, outside
2. Day Off
3. Keep Going
4. Wind
5. Architecture
PV Direction: Akira Sekimen

Tower Recoords
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瀬川千鶴 / inside,outside ~ Apr. 26, 2017 In Stores ~ Chizuru Segawa

Chizuru Segawa: woman guitarist, the first of the original mini-album of Chizuru Segawa. 
Rock, jazz, funk, elements such as the R & B has become a built-in fusion album. 

1.Morning home

Tower Records

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瀬川千鶴 / at home ~ Dec. 8, 2016 In Stores ~ Chizuru Segawa

瀬川千鶴 / Morning ~ Dec. 8, 2016 In Stores ~ Chizuru Segawa

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