Chemistry Design Werks Pushes Material Innovation with Holeyboard NEXT Series

Chemistry Design Werks has announced the Holeyboard NEXT Series, its latest pedalboard innovation.

The original Holeyboard introduced the world to freedom from hook-and-loop fasteners and thoughtful ease of use.

The Next Series is constructed of Stonewood, an innovative material made from layers of paper infused with a bonding resin under high pressure.

Produced in Wisconsin, Stonewood is locally made and sustainable and offers strength, rigidity, durability and moisture and chemical resistance. Its appearance is elegant and beautiful, looking like dark walnut with a hint of gray, and it is the next evolution of Holeyboard Technology.

Holeyboard NEXT Series Features:

• Easy to attach and change out your pedals without hook-and-loop or adhesives. Mount any pedals quickly, and make them tight and fast with zip ties.

• Reach the pedals in the back row quickly and easily. The movable, elevated and angled top deck eliminates the toe dance.

• Grab it and go. The NEXT Series has three integrated handles. Easy load-in and load-out, easy to move and easy to use.

• The curved deck follows the arc of your foot for easier, intuitive pedal switching.

• Power supplies mount easily under the top deck. No special brackets required.

• Doesn’t slide, stays put. Screwed-in (not stuck on) real rubber feet to keep your board from sliding in the spilled beer and whatever else is onstage.

Holeyboard’s NEXT series is built with precision in Minneapolis. Proudly celebrating American design and engineering excellence. Street price is $169 and up.

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