BRUCE KULICK Didn’t Find Out About Reunion Of Original KISS Lineup Until Three-Quarters Into ‘Carnival Of Souls’ Recording

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick recently answered a number of fan-submitted questions via his YouTube channel. Check it out below.

Asked about the vibe within KISS during the sessions for the album “Carnival Of Souls”, which was recorded in 1995, prior to original KISS members Ace Frehley’s and Peter Criss’s return the band, Bruce said: “Eric Singer [drums] and myself did not know about any kind of reunion tour until three-quarters into recording ‘Carnival Of Souls’. So we were just moving forward with new music. And I have to admit that by the time [Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons] told us about the reunion tour, they were a bit distracted. Maybe the mix could have been better or different, because their attention was certainly split with something very exciting that they were going to do. But in many ways, I’m glad I didn’t know any sooner than three-quarters through the recording of ‘Carnival Of Souls’.”

“Carnival Of Souls” was eventually released in 1997 under the title “Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions”. There was no accompanying tour to support the album, and none of the songs on “Carnival Of Souls” have ever been performed live by KISS.

Back in 1996, Gene called “Carnival Of Souls” “the heaviest disc we’ve done,” and Paul called it “arguably our best studio album in the last 10 years.”

In a 2017 interview with Rock N Roll Damnation, Kulick was asked if “it was evident” that the band’s reunion with Criss and Frehley for an episode of MTV’s “Unplugged” in 1995 would pave the way for a KISS tour that would exclude him and Singer. He replied: “The truth was not really ever kind of revealed for a few reasons. I was aware that MTV thought that it was really important that if we did KISS ‘Unplugged’ that they get the scoop of a reunion, that they get that icing on the cake. But that was only a quarter of the evening, but it was the one that got all of the attention press-wise, and that matters because it means money, it means sales and all of that stuff. Behind the scenes, unknown to MTV, unknown to me and Eric Singer was the fact that they were negotiating with promoters that had gotten wind of a reunion on TV, so why wouldn’t there be a reunion tour?”

He continued: “I didn’t know that the writing was on the wall even though I was a little uncomfortable, but Gene and Paul obviously had a plan that should the original band have some difficulty working together or animosity towards each other or if someone wasn’t willing to do it, KISS would have continued with Eric Singer and myself. But apparently, and I think what I understood was, shortly after or while they were trying to put together the ‘Unplugged’ thing, even though that was not the reunion tour, it was a reunion on stage in front of the world so they were feeling offers.”

Kulick added: “Life is political, and so is business. There was a lot going on behind the scenes, just like in our political world and everyday business. It was really interesting.”

In 1984, Bruce joined KISS, where he remained as their lead guitarist for twelve years, accompanying the band on the “Animalize” tour and continuing with the band until the 1996 reunion tour. Bruce is heavily featured on “Kissology – Vol. 2” and “Vol. 3”, the band’s DVDs spanning their historic 45-year career.

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Watch Trailer For New OZZY OSBOURNE Documentary ‘The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne’

A&E Network’s Emmy Award-winning “Biography” banner will premiere a new documentary special celebrating one of rock’s biggest stars. Featuring exclusive interviews and archival footage, “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” delves into the many lives and incredible career of the man who has personified rock and roll rebellion for decades. “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” will premiere on Labor Day, Monday, September 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The first trailer for “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” is available below.

“Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” traces Ozzy’s life from his childhood in poverty and time in prison, to fronting legendary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees BLACK SABBATH and successful Grammy Award-winning solo career, to one of rock’s elder statesman and a loveable 21st century television dad. The two-hour documentary explores how Ozzy has continually reinvented himself and his career to propel himself toward greater success. As Ozzy turns 70, he reflects on the intimate details of his successes, failures, and his unique ability for survival and perseverance —including never-before-seen interviews about his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis. The documentary, a selection of the 2020 SXSW Film Festival, also features interviews with Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne as well as friends and fellow musicians, including Rick Rubin, Ice-T, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davis, Post Malone and more.

“Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” is produced by Osbourne Media and Critical Content for A&E Network. The documentary is produced and directed by R. Greg Johnston. Executive producers for Osbourne Media are Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne and Peter Glowski. Executive producer for Critical Content is Jenny Daly. LB Horschler is a co-executive producer. Executive producers for A&E Network are Elaine Frontain Bryant and Brad Abramson. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne”.

Last month, Jack told “The Talk” about “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne”: “When you make a doc like this, it’s a totally collaborative effort, and I’d done a documentary on my dad about 10 years ago. When A&E approached us, they were, like, ‘We wanna do an A&E biography on Ozzy,’ and everyone was on board. And the kind of stipulation for us was, we don’t wanna make the same A&E biography that people have seen — this very kind of plug-and-play-type bio piece. Our director, Greg Johnston, who the family’s worked with since ‘The Osbournes’ — he was one of the executive producers of that back in 2001; he knows the family better than anyone. And he came on board, and we basically said, ‘All right, let’s take the gloves off and get really honest.’ And we gave him every bit of footage we have from 50 years of my dad’s career. Creatively, it was very much Greg’s vision, and I think he knocked it out of the park. Even mom [Sharon], who’s been the kind of overwatch of Dad’s entire life, I remember when we did the first screening for it, [she] really [was], like, ‘Okay, that’s good.'”

The celebrated “Biography” brand continues to highlight newsworthy personalities and events with compelling and surprising points-of-view and remains the defining source for true stories from some of the most accomplished non-fiction storytellers of our time. Extensive on-air and branded digital content, including short form, will roll-out on all platforms, including, the home to hundreds of profiles of notable cultural figures and influencers.

FIRST LOOK at @AETV’s “Biography: The Nine Lives of #Ozzy Osbourne” premiering Monday Sept 7th!!
— Ozzy Osbourne (@OzzyOsbourne) August 24, 2020

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METALLICA, MEGADETH, JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS Members, Others Featured In ‘Flying V’ Documentary

September 11 will see the release of the new DVD “Flying V”. Issued as part of the popular “Inside Metal” series, “Flying V” was directed by Peter Hansen and produced by Hansen and Michael Denner, and features in-depth interviews with countless renowned metal guitarists who have helped make this make/model one of the most instantly identifiable instruments in all of rock.

“Flying V” chronicles the origin of the most unique guitar on earth and its incredible influence on the history of rock and roll and heavy metal. Hear from the rock stars themselves as they describe how, when, and why the Flying V forever changed their careers and altered their entire approach to guitar playing.

Journey inside the minds of the biggest icons of our era as they tell their riveting tales of discovery and passion for their beloved Flying Vs. Included are exclusive interviews with members of METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER, JUDAS PRIEST, MERCYFUL FATE, SCORPIONS, ACCEPT, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and more. This musical journey is one you will want to take over and over again as secrets of the Flying V guitar are revealed like never before.

Among the musicians appearing in the documentary are Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Kerry King, Michael Schenker, Michael Denner, Hank Shermann, Wolf Hoffmann, K.K. Downing, Mathias Jabs, Richie Faulkner, Andy Sneap, Brian Tatler, Andy La Rocque and Michael Amott.

And the rave reviews that this 67-minute documentary has already accumulated are impressive, including renowned rock photographer Mark “Weiss Guy” Weiss saying: “Whenever I saw the Flying V on stage, I knew it was going to be a killer show. I love photographing the V. How could you not? It screams rock ‘n’ roll! It has a presence all to its own. If I were to rate the Flying V, in the words of the TAP, I would give it an eleven one louder!”

Additionally, Bob Nalbandian (director of the “Inside Metal” series) declared it as an “awesome doc on the Flying V! Very informative and intimate interviews with some of the greatest guitarists in rock and metal. An absolute must for the guitar enthusiast!”

In a 2018 interview, Hetfield stated about his love of Flying V guitars: “As most kids who love certain bands, you just wanna get the same guitar that guy is playing. I mean, really! I wanted a white Flying V forever — that was it. I mean, c’mon! The SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST… It was a heavy metal guitar. You know, Michael Schenker — white V. It was my dream to have a white V. When I finally got a V, it was kind of weird to play. When you’re standing with it, sometimes it rolls off you. And you’ve seen pictures of THE KINKS with a Flying V, and he’s playing through the middle, holding it this way. It’s, like, ‘Wow! That’s weird.’ But actually, when you’re sitting down with it, you’ve got the V down there, it’s super easy. I loved the V shape once I got used to it.”

Hetfield’s main guitar for recording and touring behind METALLICA’s debut album, “Kill ‘Em All” was a white Flying V copy by Electra. James used this in the studio and live until the neck snapped and it was retired.

“I got my white V in 1980,” James told Guitar World. “It was the second guitar I ever owned, and I probably bought it for $200. I knew it was a copy, but we treated it as a real Gibson. I wanted a white one because Michael Schenker of UFO had one, so I needed one too. The neck snapped on it twice on tour. It’s been glued quite a few times. It’s got Seymour Duncan pickups in it, with a little more output for the crunch than the originals had. The only other thing that’s customized is the artwork. That was the first guitar I started scratching stuff into.”

SCORPIONS guitarist Rudolf Schenker told JAM Magazine about his trademark Gibson Flying V guitar: “I played a lot of guitars before I was running into the Flying V. [I] actually started with Framus, a German company, [before] going into Vox guitars. From Vox, I got [my] first Gibson guitar from my father. It’s a Trini Lopez [ES-]175, I think, but this one was, especially when we start playing with the big Marshall amplifiers, very difficult to play because of the feedback floor. Then I got, believe it or not, a Fender, which I didn’t like — it’s not my way — but then I saw one picture of Johnny Winter with the Flying V. I said to my brother [Michael], ‘This is my guitar. You think me, for a rhythm guitar player, it’s not too much?’ He said, ‘No.’ I [got] this guitar and started playing it with a fifty-watt Marshall [amplifier]. The sound was fantastic, so from this moment on, I played a Flying V. But there was one thing in between — my brother. He actually had a girlfriend and he took his Les Paul to his girlfriend’s house. Somehow he forgot the guitar in the house of the girlfriend, and the girlfriend went with her parents over the weekend somewhere. We had a big festival to do, and… my brother came to me and said, ‘Hey, I have no guitar. What can we do?’ In the end… [I said,] ‘Try my Flying V with the fifty-watt Marshall.’ He tried it and he said, ‘Yes, that’s working.’ After the concert, he came to me and said, ‘Rudolf, I can’t give you back the Flying V. The sound is so good.’ That’s the point when my brother went to UFO… I said to myself, ‘I want to have back the Flying V,’ because I tried Firebirds, I tried Explorers, all this stuff, and none made the sound… like the Flying V. I play [a] Flying V since then permanently.”

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Wolfgang Van Halen has once again refused to pick sides in the unending debate about whether VAN HALEN is better with David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar.

The 29-year-old bassist, who started playing with VAN HALEN when his father Eddie and uncle Alex reunited with Roth in 2007, broached the “Roth-versus-Hagar” topic while answering questions on Twitter.

After one fan asked Wolfgang which era of VAN HALEN is better, he responded: “They both kick ass. The war is dumb. Enjoy whatever you want and don’t hate someone else if they don’t like what you like.” Apparently referencing his father’s musical contributions to VAN HALEN’s entire catalog, Wolfgang added: “The same guy wrote the music too, so you’re doing yourself a disservice for not at the VERY least checking the other side out.”

Wolfgang’s latest comments echo those he made last month when a similar question was posed to him on Instagram.

“I’m not a purist. It’s all great,” Wolfgang said. “The same guy wrote all the music. Kinda dumb not to give it a chance if you like one or the other so much.”

Later that day, Wolfgang was asked via Twitter to name his favorite albums from both VAN HALEN eras. He replied that was particularly fond of “Fair Warning” and “1984” with Roth and “Balance” and “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” with Hagar.

Hagar replaced Roth in VAN HALEN in 1985 and recorded four studio albums with the band — “5150”, “OU812”, “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” and “Balance” — all of which topped the U.S. chart. The highest-charting Roth-led VAN HALEN album was a No. 2, and it took until “1984” to achieve that. (2012’s “A Different Kind Of Truth” also landed at No. 2.)

Asked about his so-called “rivalry” with Roth, Hagar told Planet Rock magazine: “It wasn’t even a blip on my radar.

“I don’t respect Dave’s artistry, but I do think he’s clever and a great showman and what he did with VAN HALEN in the early days was fantastic. VAN HALEN couldn’t have made it without him.

“God bless Dave, but he refuses to acknowledge that VAN HALEN with me was even more successful than VAN HALEN with him, and that’s very stupid of him. That’d be like me not acknowledging what he did for the band before I joined: that would be stupid, wouldn’t it?”

Hagar told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that his problems with Eddie Van Halen began during the sessions for “Balance”, Hagar’s last album with the group. “Eddie needs somebody to make decisions and a leader, y’know?” he said. “He’s not a natural born leader kind of guy. And his brother [Alex Van Halen] was always the leader before — or Roth was the leader before — and when Roth left, his brother and him bumped heads so much, when I walked in it was like, ‘Well, what does Sam wanna do?’ y’know? So it became kind of like, yeah, I was making all the decisions, so then on ‘Balance’, all of a sudden, he didn’t like my decisions and it was like really weird.”

Hagar blasted his former bandmates in an interview in 2015, saying there was “no chemistry” between the members of the group’s current lineup, including Roth. He said at the time: “They don’t like each other. I mean, it’s obvious. It’s like a backup band with a guy out there in front. I bet they don’t say five words to each other offstage.”

Hagar, Alex, Eddie and bassist Michael Anthony last teamed up in 2004 for a U.S. summer tour. In exchange for taking part in the tour, Anthony reportedly had to agree to take a pay cut and sign away his rights to the band name and logo.

They both kick ass. The war is dumb. Enjoy whatever you want and don’t hate someone else if they don’t like what you like.
The same guy wrote the music too, so you’re doing yourself a disservice for not at the VERY least checking the other side out.

— wolfy van halenson ??? (@WolfVanHalen) August 24, 2020

— wolfy van halenson ??? (@WolfVanHalen) August 24, 2020

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STEEL PANTHER’s STIX ZADINIA Recalls His PRINCE Encounter: ‘It Was Some Serious A**holery Going On’

In a recent interview with New York’s Q104.3 radio station, STEEL PANTHER drummer Stix Zadinia recalled the time his paths crossed with the legendary artist Prince. He said (see video below): “I was in a band a long, long time ago. We were doing disco covers many years ago up in San Francisco. And Prince played at the ‘Shark Tank,’ which is the San Jose hockey arena. After his shows, he would find a club in a nearby city and he would go in. And his deal was, ‘Hey, I’m Prince. I’m gonna come play your club after hours. I’m gonna charge at the door and keep the door. You keep the bar.’ And the club goes, ‘Okay. Cool.’

“So word gets out,” he continued. “We were the house band — just kind of a no-name house band at the time. And Prince borrows our gear. Because he doesn’t wanna bring gear, and I understand it. So he goes on an hour late. We get kicked out of our own dressing room. Prince goes in there. You’re not allowed to look at Prince. But he plays the guitar, and then at the end, he holds the guitar up over his head and he drops it behind him onto the ground. And my guitar player is, like, ‘What the fuck?’ Then he switches and he plays bass. And after the song, he takes the bass and he sets it diagonally on the floor and the drum riser, so it’s just at an angle. And he takes his little tiny Prince foot and he [breaks] the neck.”

Stix added: “At the end of the show, we came up to his manager and his entourage, and we go, ‘Dude, what is the deal?’ And the manager flips our guitar player. He goes, ‘Here’s a hundred bucks.’ And he gives our bass player another hundred bucks. He goes, ‘Here you go. Go get it fixed, guys.’ And they left. And we were just standing there… It was some serious assholery going on.”

Prince was 57 when he died of an accidental fentanyl overdose on April 21, 2016.

STEEL PANTHER played its second virtual concert event, “Rockdown In The Lockdown”, on August 16 from the ultra-sanitized, production-filled, multi-camera Drum Channel Studio at Drum Workshop, located in Oxnard, California. The performance was streamed live globally and is now available on demand through August 31.

STEEL PANTHER’s latest album, “Heavy Metal Rules”, was released last September. The disc, which is described in a press release as a “heavy metal version of a self-help manual and ultimate party album combined,” was once again produced by Jay Ruston, who collaborated with the band on all of its previous recordings, including 2017’s “Lower The Bar”.

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MACHINE HEAD: CHRIS KONTOS Drum-Cam Video Of ‘A Thousand Lies’ From Oakland

Drum-cam video of MACHINE HEAD drummer Chris Kontos performing the song “A Thousand Lies” with his bandmates on February 21 at Fox Theater in Oakland, California can be seen below.

The North American leg of MACHINE HEAD’s 25th-anniversary tour for the band’s debut album, “Burn My Eyes”, kicked off in Phoenix on January 16 and wrapped up on February 22 at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, California. Each show on the trek consisted of two parts: part one saw frontman Robb Flynn and bassist Jared MacEachern performing alongside new recruits, Polish guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka (DECAPITATED) and British drummer Matt Alston (DEVILMENT, EASTERN FRONT); while part two features “Burn My Eyes” played in its entirety for the first time ever, with original drummer Kontos and guitarist Logan Mader joining in.

Asked what it has been like getting Logan and Chris back on board, Robb told Kerrang! magazine: “Logan and I have stayed in touch. We kinda squashed everything and became friends again as far back as 2004. He comes out to all the shows. We played ‘Davidian’ together at the ‘Roadrunner United’ concert in New York. Chris and I haven’t spoken in a long time for no reason other than that when I’m off the road, I’m just this boring suburban dad. He kinda quit music for a little while to do some BMX racing. He was in a whole other world. As it happened, Logan reached out to me about [the anniversary tour] and I thought it was a killer idea. Then I think my manager reached out to Chris and he was game, too. We just went out for dinner for two hours and just laughed and caught up. [Chris] just has such a huge personality: he’s this loud, funny dude. It was a really good vibe, so we decided to just go for it.”

Kontos left MACHINE HEAD before the release of the band’s second album, 1997’s “The More Things Change”, and was replaced by Dave McClain.

Mader contributed to two MACHINE HEAD albums, the aforementioned “Burn My Eyes” and “The More Things Change”, before exiting the group and being replaced by Ahrue Luster and, later on, Phil Demmel.

Demmel and McClain left MACHINE HEAD in the fall of 2018.

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THE PRETTY RECKLESS’s Acoustic Version Of ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ Now Available On Streaming Services

THE PRETTY RECKLESS performed a quarantine acoustic version of “Death By Rock And Roll”, the title track of the band’s forthcoming album, during a June 18 iHeartRadio Facebook Live session. The intimate and at-home performance is now available for streaming at all outlets.

The “Death By Rock And Roll” LP will be released in early 2021 via Fearless Records in the U.S. and Century Media Records in the rest of the world.

“In a lot of ways, this new album feels like a rebirth and our first single, ‘Death by Rock And Roll’, represents that salvation that my favorite music brings me,” said vocalist Taylor Momsen. “Rock is freedom and this song is about living life the way you want, and now that belongs to everyone who listens.”

Momsen recently confirmed in an interview that RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello guests on “Death By Rock And Roll”. Morello appears on a track called “And So It Went”.

Morello joins previously announced guests Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron from SOUNDGARDEN. The song with Cameron and Thayil, called “Only Love Can Save Me Now”, was recorded at Seattle’s legendary London Bridge Studios, where seminal LPs like PEARL JAM’s “Ten” and SOUNDGARDEN’s “Louder Than Love” were laid down.

According to Momsen, “Death By Rock And Roll” “almost feels like the first record in the sense that we really threw everything that we had at it — we worked so hard on it,” she said. “And I’m just excited for it to be out and have people come on this journey with me and see where it took us. I think it took us, in my opinion, to a new level. It’s a new and improved PRETTY RECKLESS.”

“Death By Rock And Roll” is the fifth No. 1 single of THE PRETTY RECKLESS’s career. The band also has the incredible and impressive distinction of being the first female-fronted band to have back-to-back No. 1 singles at the active rock format and the first female-fronted act to have five No. 1 singles on the U.S. Billboard chart.


Taylor Momsen – Vocals
Ben Phillips – Guitar
Mark Damon – Bass
Jamie Perkins – Drums

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STEVE RILEY’s Version Of L.A. GUNS Releases ‘Renegades’ Single

Steve Riley’s version of L.A. GUNS has released its third single, “Renegades”. It is the title track from the band’s first album, “Renegades”, which will arrive later this year via Golden Robot Records.

Riley’s version of L.A. GUNS is not to be confused with the band led by guitarist Tracii Guns and vocalist Phil Lewis, which issued two well-received albums, “The Missing Peace” and “The Devil You Know”, plus the live release “Made In Milan”, under the L.A. GUNS name over the last three years.

Riley’s version of L.A. GUNS made its live debut in May 2019 at the M3 Rock Festival. The drummer is joined in the group by Orlando, Florida-based guitarist/vocalist Kurt Frohlich, bassist Kelly Nickels (a member of L.A. GUNS’ “classic” incarnation) and guitarist Scott Griffin (who played bass for the band from 2007 until 2009, and then again from 2011 to 2014).

During a recent appearance on “The Classic Metal Show”, Riley was asked if he was concerned about creating confusion in the marketplace by starting another version of L.A. GUNS with Nickels. He responded: “No, not at all, because I was already tempered to it. If you remember correctly, Tracii quit in 2002 and Phil Lewis and I had carried on the band for, like, 15 years on our own, doing four albums — maybe five; I think it was four — we continued on, and there was Tracii taking out another L.A. GUNS. So, no, I was already used to it. And when two people own the mark and the name, then you can do that, and I never contested Tracii doing that, even though Phil was with me for those 15 years while [Tracii] was out of the band. So I was already tempered to it, and I already knew that when he originally did that back in the 2000s that he created confusion immediately, and I believe that’s when Phil went off on him for a number of years in the press, on Eddie Trunk’s TV show, he went off on Tracii non-stop; he didn’t like him and he didn’t like what he was doing by creating the confusion. So it’s something I’m already used to.

“I never quit L.A. GUNS,” he continued. “I never intended to stop working in L.A. GUNS. It’s just a matter of people leaving the band. The confusion thing, it was already there — it was already happening because Tracii started that confusion back in 2006, I believe, [or] 2005, after he did BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION and a couple of other projects. He started his own L.A. GUNS while Phil and I were working and recording with [producer] Andy Johns and doing four albums with Andy Johns and a live album. We just continued working on. So that confusion has already been there.”

Riley also talked about the fact that Lewis and Guns are the most recognizable members of L.A. GUNS and how it affects people’s perception of the two versions of the band.

“When you talk about L.A. GUNS and you talk about the singer and guitar player, the fact of it is that the biggest song L.A. GUNS had was written by Kelly Nickels; he wrote ‘The Ballad Of Jayne’,” Steve said. “And so the deal is that most of our publishing starts off with ‘The Ballad Of Jayne’; that’s pretty much our big heavyweight in our publishing. He wrote that, and he wrote a number of other songs. He actually wrote ‘Crawl’ too, the new single. But he’s a prolific songwriter; he contributed so much to the songwriting in the early years, as I did too. But the fact of it is he brought the biggest song in that we’re recognized for — ‘The Ballad Of Jayne’. That’s a Kelly Nickels composition.

“So I don’t know how you weigh one against the other,” he added. “It’s something that I’ve faced off for a number of years. All the guys have quit at one time or another. I just kept L.A. GUNS — the real L.A. GUNS, the original L.A. GUNS I kept going. I’ve been running the business all of this time, since 1988, and striking up record deals and world tours and what have you, and all kinds of concerts, and the deal is that I never really stopped.

“If Tracii wanted to take out another L.A. GUNS, there’s nothing I can do about it; I can’t contest it. So it is a problem with a lot of legacy bands, and it’s something that you can’t avoid… With this band, I pretty much begged everybody from the classic lineup not to quit, at one point or another. And when they wanted to leave, I tried to talk them out of it and say, ‘Come on. Hang on. This is a good thing we have. It’s something that we can do pretty much forever.’ And so I tried to talk everybody out of it, and a lot of times it wasn’t successful, and a lot of times I was successful , like in getting Phil back into the band with me, and Tracii. But it doesn’t always work out the way you want it, especially in this business.”

This past January, Riley was sued by Guns and Lewis in California District Court. Joining Riley as defendants in the case are the three musicians who perform in his recently launched rival version of L.A. GUNS; that group’s manager, booking agent and merchandiser; and Golden Robot Records.

The complaint, which requests a trial by jury, alleges that Riley’s version of L.A. GUNS (referred to in the case docket as “the infringing L.A. GUNS”) is creating “unfair competition” through its unauthorized usage of the L.A. GUNS trademark. In addition, Guns and Lewis are seeking relief from and/or against false advertising, breach of contract and unauthorized usage of their likenesses.

At its core, Guns and Lewis’s complaint calls into question Riley’s claim of partial ownership of the L.A. GUNS name and logo and alleges that his usage of both has been unauthorized. In addition, Guns and Lewis claim — as Guns has done publicly in the past — that Riley has embezzled much of the group’s publishing proceeds over the past two decades.

Despite leaving the band soon after the release of 2002’s “Waking The Dead” to focus on BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION (his short-lived supergroup with MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx), Guns “is the owner of common law trademark righs” for the L.A. GUNS name and logo, the complaint claims. It notes that Guns founded the band in 1983, four years before Riley joined, and that Riley did not perform on the group’s 1984 debut EP and contributed to just a single track on their 1987 self-titled full-length debut.

According to the complaint, Guns “has been injured by Defendants’ unfair competition,” while he and Lewis have “suffered harm including damages and and irreparable injury to their goodwill.” It also claims that Riley’s L.A. GUNS was formed “with the intent of tricking and confusing consumers into believing that the infringing L.A. GUNS band is the original [Tracii] Guns version” of the group.

In addition to actual and punitive damages, Guns and Lewis are seeking a “permanent injunction” that restrains all of the named defendants from using the L.A. GUNS name, logo and likeness, as well as “a declaration that Guns is the sole owner of the common law trademark rights” for the L.A. GUNS moniker “and any related design marks.”

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DEE SNIDER Finally Gets His Wish: A ‘Pop! Rocks’ Figure From FUNKO

The popular vinyl collectible company Funko — best known for its big-headed Pop! figures — has teamed up with TWISTED SISTER singer Dee Snider for one of its latest artist collaborations.

Snider, who has been publicly campaigning for at least a year to have a Funko figure created in his likeness, tweeted on August 20: “WELL GUESS THE FUCK WHAT!?!? @OriginalFunko is making a Dee Snider figure. Thank you all for your support, pressure and enthusiasm!”

Back in July 2019, Dee retweeted a request from to have a Snider Funko figure developed. At the time, he added the following comment: “Are you paying attention @originalfunko? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been asked if there is a ‘Dee Snider Pop Vinyl’ available at all of the convention appearances I do!”

Other artists who have gotten the Pop! Rocks treatment in the past include KISS, IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, GUNS N’ ROSES, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, DEF LEPPARD, Rob Zombie, SLIPKNOT, SLAYER, GHOST and MOTÖRHEAD.

A Funko vinyl Pop! figure, or popularly known as a “Pop!”, is packaged carefully inside a box with a transparent front. The figurine is made out of vinyl and may come as a bobblehead.

Funko reported that these figurines increased its sales by 38 percent in the second quarter of 2019. International sales spiked 65 percent to $68.5 million, while U.S. revenue grew 26 percent to $122.7 million.

Headquartered in Everett, Washington, Funko is a leading pop culture consumer products company. Funko designs, sources and distributes licensed pop culture products across multiple categories, including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, housewares and accessories for consumers who seek tangible ways to connect with their favorite pop culture brands and characters.

WELL GUESS THE FUCK WHAT!?!? @OriginalFunko is making a Dee Snider figure. Thank you all for your support, pressure and enthusiasm!
— Dee Snider (@deesnider) August 20, 2020

Are you paying attention @originalfunko? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been asked if there is a “Dee Snider Pop Vinyl” available at all of the convention appearances I do!
— Dee Snider (@deesnider) July 4, 2019

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Kevin Roentgen has announced his departure from BUCKCHERRY.

The guitarist, who joined the California-based band in 2007, made his exit official in a social media post earlier today.

He wrote: “Struggling a bit with words as I write this.

“Several of you have msg’d me, so I thought I’d just respond here.

“Last month, I stepped away from my position as guitar player in BUCKCHERRY.

“For me, ‘I’m leaving the band’ announcements can come off as kind of dramatic and self-important. Not my intention here. Instead, I really only want to express my love, gratitude and respect for my friends — Stevie, Josh, Kelly and Francis.

“For the last three years, I’ve been out there with you guys solid, and literally around the world, playing hundreds and hundreds of shows to a diehard and loyal base. It’s one like I’ve never known. It’s an audience the band has worked tirelessly to build over the course of twenty years, and is the envy of many. It’s something I have so much respect and admiration for.

“Thank you SO much to all of the band’s fans and friends who were kind, open and receiving of ‘the new guy’ (though, some of you did take a minute ha). Stepping in for a founding member was no short order, but you guys helped me rise to the occasion. I’ll forever be grateful for that.

“I want to send a very special thank you to all of the crew, who not only got us to the stage on time and in one piece, but who actually really care about doing a great job — rare in this business, trust me. Dave, Ross, Terry, Frank, ‘Timmy’, Nate, Brandon, Russell (you and I may have butted heads on occasion, but know that I respect your loyalty to the BC cause), Jeremy, Dan, Brad, Moss and anyone I’m spacing on in this moment (sorry). Shout out to Larry Mazer and Andrew Goodfriend for looking after me, as well. Thank you all for having my back. I love you guys.

“Bottom line, I made this decision to come off the road and spend more time with my family. The guys understood this, and for that I’m thankful. Though my wife and daughter always one hundred percent supported me in this gig, they are quite happy now to have me home.

“Anyways, I suppose I’m what they call a ‘lifer’ in this often absurd and occasionally rewarding business, so you’ll no doubt be hearing from me going forward. Thank you to all of those who’ve supported my other music projects recently — and over the last thirty years for that matter.

“Wishing BC the very best and all the great success they deserve, with love.

“Long live rock and roll.”

Roentgen, who had previously played with AMERICAN PEARL and SOUL, joined BUCKCHERRY as the replacement for original guitarist Keith Nelson. He can be heard on BUCKCHERRY’s latest album, “Warpaint”, which was released in March 2019 via Century Media/RED Music. The 12-song record was produced by Mike Plotnikoff, whose previous collaboration with the band was BUCKCHERRY’s multi-platinum third album, 2005’s “15”.

Last year, BUCKCHERRY recruited Francis Ruiz as its new drummer. He joined the group as the replacement for Sean Winchester, who exited BUCKCHERRY after laying down the drum tracks on “Warpaint”.

Struggling a bit with words as I write this. Several of you have msg’d me, so I thought I’d just respond here.


Posted by Kevin Roentgen on Sunday, August 23, 2020

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