Carl Martin Announces Red Repeat 2016 Edition Delay

Carl Martin has announced the Red Repeat 2016 Edition delay pedal.

From the company:

For the new improved Red Repeat 2016 Edition, Carl Martin has added a couple of features that players have asked for.

To begin with, we have added a Tap Tempo function. Simply flip the switch that says Manual Time toward the name Red Repeat and, with your toe, tap the footswitch marked Tap Tempo to the beat of the song. This allows your echoes to be spaced precisely with the tempo of the song, faster or slower, depending on your style. When the Manual Time switch is flipped away from the Red Repeat 2016 Edition decal, the pedal goes back to setting the space between echoes with the Time knob.

The second special feature is the Modulation switch. By engaging this switch and adjusting the black mini-pots marked Depth and Speed, you can modulate the echoes of your notes so that they mimic the wow and flutter of a vintage tape echo. This subtle effect can bring a whole new dimension to your solos, especially if you want them to sound ”old” Switching, large easy to use knobs and bright LED indicators for Boost 1 or 2.

The Red Repeat 2016 Edition is costs $239 MSRP and $168 Street.

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