BRUIT ≤ release new song ‘Parasite (The Boycott Manifesto)’

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BRUIT ≤ have released a brand new song!

The new song, titled Parasite (The Boycott Manifesto), is the brand new single from the French post-rock/noise band and follows on from their previous album, The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again, which was released in April last year.

The new single intends to be a scathing criticism of streaming platform giant Spotify. Speaking about the song, the band shares, “we are regularly asked the question: ‘Why can’t we find you on the streaming platforms?’ Here is a universal and digital answer that will generate clicks while bringing in shareholders. Since the great crisis of the record industry, the industry has mutated – it has transformed itself to exploit artists as never before by crushing them under the monopoly of the streaming platforms.

At a time when a change of algorithm can call into question your digital existence, the durability of your professional activity, or the peace of your social life, it seems more necessary than ever to remind people that an audience is not a database and that artists do not have to become influencers. It is unacceptable that people like Daniel Ek, the boss of Spotify, still exploit artists in total impunity and use this money to invest in AI for military use. It’s high time to practice music vandalism and parasite the machine.”

Listen to Parasite (The Boycott Manifesto) here: 

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