BRUCE KULICK Says There Is A Chance He Will Play With KISS At Final Concert Of 'End Of The Road' Tour

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Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has told Rolling Stone that there is a chance he will come out and play with the band at the final show of the “End Of The Road” world tour. “That’s always been kind of what they’ve shared publicly,” he said. “I’ll be honest, It’s not like I have the plan or, like, Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] said to me, ‘This is how we want to do it. These are the songs.’ I don’t have the details. [My wife] Lisa and I chat about it because people ask. I do know I’ll be at least able to capture [KISS manager] Doc [McGhee] on the boat for a little bit and go, ‘What’s the plan?’ I don’t want to dance around the questions. I have some ideas of how this could be. ‘Tell me what you’re thinking?’

“There was a big pause button on their schedule,” he continued. “They would have ended their tour this summer if COVID never happened. They had a venue booked. It was a stadium in New York. That was going to be the end. Now I don’t know when it would be, if it’s in 2022. I don’t know. I hope I’m there. I hope I get to play a couple songs with them.

“The fans are expecting something special, and it should be. Everyone alive should be there. I’m not going to tell them that Vinnie [Vincent] should be there if they don’t want to see Vinnie. I do hope Ace [Frehley] and Peter [Criss] are going to be a part of it as well.”

Asked if he believes that this is KISS‘s last tour, Kulick said: “I do think they will stop touring in a traditional sense. Would they manage and present other KISS-related things? You know, they have this idea that KISS will never die. They could have a KISS-themed show they aren’t in. … Could they pull that off successfully? Absolutely. KISS is a brand like Coca-Cola.

“I do think Gene and Paul will retire from touring. I know Gene well enough. They won’t carry on with what you know as a big touring KISS show forever. They just can’t. They don’t want to do it. How about Gene in a 40-pound outfit performing a two-hour show? No way. Paul‘s had hip surgeries. You can’t sustain that. It’s harder and harder the older you get.

“They’re going to do some great business and some great shows. But they’re going to wrap it up in a year or so. I think they will.”

Kulick joined KISS in 1984 and remained with the band until the group’s original lineup reunited in 1996. He joined GRAND FUNK RAILROAD in 2000 and continues to perform with the group to this day.

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