Brian Auer: Pentatonic Workout Challenge (Mode 2)

So, you have mastered the “Mode 1 Pentatonic Workout Challenge” and are ready for the next round!! Congratulations!
This one is a bit of a tongue twister, so here are a few TIPS to help.
1. Download the PDF tabs and learn each lick correctly. It is best to try and use your ears when learning musical ideas IMO but always check with the music notation to confirm you are correct. Use the fingerings I use in the video as well as explore your own. I give some variation in the video for examples to experiment with.
2. Practice each lick slowly until you can play it 10X with no mistakes and then increase speed gradually using that same rule until you get to the required tempo.
3. Once you can play the lick up to tempo, use the backing track to practice each lick until you can play all 11 licks back to back.
3. Work on minimal hand & pick movement staying relaxed while practicing. Keep in mind, this is not a speed challenge. It is for mastering each mode/pattern and developing strong technique. If you feel your hand tensing up you need to stop, shake it off, and start over remaining completely relaxed. The goal is to be relaxed and proficient while you study the shapes.
Once you have mastered mode 2, it is time to move onto mode 3. I recommend you practice through the playlist up to the next challenge with the goal in mind to be able to play through all 5 giving you a solid 20 minute pentatonic workout. So make sure you save and favorite the playlist for east access and a good reminder to practice!
If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.
Thanks for watching and good luck!!
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Pentatonic Workout Challenge (Mode 2)

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