Blast Worship: Pilori

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Where they from?
Rouen, France. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of pears. I was doing the whole ‘apple a day’ thing but then I hit some really bad luck, and bought three apples in a row that were rotten. I switched to pears because they have a tremendously better shelf life. As you can tell, my life is nothing but one daring adventure after the next. Who knows, maybe I’ll try peaches one of these days.

Why the hype?
I’ve been thinking all week about how I would describe this band’s sound and if nothing else, it’s pretty European. I don’t see any band from North America being able to conure up the forceful and dark majesty of Pilori. It’s like if you locked Nails in a cabin in Oslo and forced them to drink Bruno while listening to Darkthrone. It’s pretty rare that you find a band that you can crowdkill to and then two minutes find yourself fighting the urge to drink from a chalice while staring into a deer skull, or whatever the fuck black metal fans do to show that they’re enjoying music.

Latest Release?
Quand Bien Meme L’Enfer et le Deluge S’abattraient sur Nous. Two things really stand out about this album: the first being the vocals, which feel incredibly powerful and forceful throughout the entirety of this thing, which is good because vocals are often an instrument that gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to crust and black metal. The second is the album closer ‘…et le Deluge,’ which sounds it could be one of those mid-period Fuck the Facts songs where they try to rip off mid-period Metallica. I LOVE THAT SHIT! Seriously, it had me contemplating the nature of loss and loneliness while filling up at the Sunoco in south Philly. Most existential $35 I’ve ever spent.

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