Blast Worship: Noisy Neighbors

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Where they from?
San Antonio, Texas. Speaking of Texas, you know it’s January when the Dallas Cowboys are out shitting themselves in the divisional round of the playoffs. That team really does follow a script: big hype in the regular season (though never quite the first seed) and then imploding like a bag of diarrhea to the 49ers. Mike McCarthy spent the whole second half thinking about what he was gonna order from Domino’s after the game.

Why the hype?
Do you like…blast beats? Because this band has them…IN SPADES! It’s honestly really refreshing to hear an American grind band who actually, ya know, GRINDS! So much of the shit I have to sift through on Bandcamp calls itself grindcore because they have a brief three second blast in the opener and then just noodles it’s way through boring thrashville or even worse yet gets lost in the woods of metalcore. With Noisy Neighbors you are never more than 30 seconds away from a blast beat, one of those helicopter types that just plops on your head and beats you into submission with the kick drums. I get paid to write this shit.

Latest Release?
Derailing the Hype Train, Grand Vomit Productions. Like I alluded to before, this band isn’t necessarily breaking any new ground but it is fresh how right they are doing everything. The blasts blast, the riffs riff and the samples are both stupid and disturbing. I mean, what more could you ask for? I’ll tell ya: A QUARTERBACK WHO DOESN’T THROW TERRIBLE INTERCEPTIONS, THAT’S WHAT! There is not basement in the Alamo but there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll.

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